Easy Preschool Valentine Crafts (2024)

Keep your little ones engaged this Valentine’s Day with these Preschool Valentine Crafts!

Easy Preschool Valentine Crafts (1)

With some simple craft supplies and a bit of imagination, your kiddos can make special, heartfelt gifts for their grandparents, siblings or friends right at home. All while enjoying some quality crafting time together with you!

Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts for Preschoolers

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time for kids to understand little acts of kindness. They can show their loved ones how much they care by creating a heartfelt craft for them on this Valentine’s Day! These crafts are simple and entertaining for preschool-aged children to do right at home.

Bean Mosaics

Easy Preschool Valentine Crafts (2)

Take simple dried beans and turn them into colorful, heart-shaped valentines! You can let your child choose their favorite color paint and create hearts for each of their loved ones.

Photo source and idea from Handmade Charlotte

Coffee Filter Hearts Craft

Easy Preschool Valentine Crafts (3)

This is an easy and simple Valentine’s day craft that preschoolers will enjoy. Plus, it is budget-friendly! Your preschooler can make colorful tie-dye hearts from coffee filters this Valentine’s day!

Photo source and idea from Darcy and Brian

Love Bug Craft

Easy Preschool Valentine Crafts (4)

How cute are these little “love bugs”? Your kiddo can make theirs exactly how they want it, to really let their creativity shine.

Photo source and idea from Childhood Magic

Wooden Block Puzzle Valentines

Easy Preschool Valentine Crafts (5)

Trace a heart onto four wooden blocks and let the kids go to town coloring them any color they desire to make a sweet and simple heart puzzle!

Photo source and idea from Studio DIY

Bouquet of Hearts Card

Easy Preschool Valentine Crafts (6)

Homemade cards for the win! This homemade Valentine’s Day card with a heart bouquet is the perfect Valentine’s Day craft for preschoolers! They can write a heartfelt message to one of their parents, grandparents, or even a best friend.

Photo source and idea from Make and Takes

Mosaic Heart

Easy Preschool Valentine Crafts (7)

A personalized Valentine craft is extra fun for kiddos! They will love to see their photo with their own mosaic heart that they crafted themselves.

Photo source and idea from Meaningful Mama

Valentine’s Day Floam Slime

Easy Preschool Valentine Crafts (8)

I know I am not alone when I say my child is obsessed with slime! You can make a super cute valentine-themed floam slime with your preschooler this holiday as a fun preschool valentine craft!

Photo source and idea from I Heart Arts N Crafts

Valentine Balloon Craft

Easy Preschool Valentine Crafts (9)

Use a photo of your child with their hand up and create a homemade Valentine craft with heart-shaped balloons! You can use heart-shaped stickers or even fingerprint hearts to make the balloons!

Photo source and idea from The Best Ideas for Kids

Friendship Necklaces

Easy Preschool Valentine Crafts (10)

Homemade friendship necklaces are one of my favorite preschool valentine crafts that your kiddo can share with family or friends as a heartfelt Valentine’s Day gift!

Photo source and idea from Make and Takes

Watercolor Valentine Hearts

Easy Preschool Valentine Crafts (11)

Simple watercolors can be used to make creative heart-shaped crafts this Valentine’s Day! Kids of any age can let their creativity flow with this simple craft.

Photo source and idea from Art Bar Blog

Valentine Wands

Easy Preschool Valentine Crafts (12)

Using adorable heart-shaped beads and pipe cleaners, you can have your preschooler make homemade Valentine’s Day wands!

Photo source and idea from Ms. Stephanie’s Preschool

Foam Valentine Pizza Craft

Easy Preschool Valentine Crafts (13)

Fit with heart shaped “pepperonis”, this foam pizza craft couldn’t be more cute! This art project is perfect to celebrate Valentine’s day at home. You can even order real pizza to make it a pizza party!

Photo source and idea from Glued to My Crafts

Heart-Shaped Animals Craft

Easy Preschool Valentine Crafts (14)

Your kiddo can turn their favorite animal into a heart-shaped craft! From dogs to bears to bees, this preschooler Valentine’s day craft is fun and adorable at the same time.

Photo source and idea from Easy Peasy and Fun

Printable Valentine’s Day Crafts for Preschoolers

Using printable templates to create Valentine’s Day crafts for preschoolers can take some of the effort out of it for you! These are easy and free printable options you can use for a homemade craft this holiday!

Printable Tissue Paper Heart Craft

Easy Preschool Valentine Crafts (15)

Combine art and writing with this free printable heart craft! This is an especially great craft for preschoolers who need to practice writing and counting.

Photo source and idea from Darcy and Brian

Rocket Valentine Craft

Easy Preschool Valentine Crafts (16)

With a free template, these festive rockets are easy to make for preschoolers! They will have a literal blast making these.

Photo source and idea from Simple Everyday Mom

Fingerprint Love Bugs

Easy Preschool Valentine Crafts (17)

This is a printable Valentine’s Day craft for preschoolers that gets them involved with paint and their fingerprints! Perfect for our children to make something special for their loved ones.

Photo source and idea from Rhythms of Play

Valentine’s Card Creatures

Easy Preschool Valentine Crafts (18)

This Valentine’s day card turned toy will be a favorite among your preschooler! All you have to do is print, cut and tape. Then your kiddo can write a special message and gift it as a toy to their best friends.

Photo source and idea from Made by Joel

Bee Valentine Craft

Easy Preschool Valentine Crafts (19)

This buzzing bee craft comes together quickly with a printable template and just a few craft supplies! I would be so happy to receive this precious valentine from my kiddo!

Photo source and idea from Simple Everyday Mom

Classroom Valentine Ideas for Preschoolers

Easy Preschool Valentine Crafts (20)

If you are looking for valentine ideas that can be used in the classroom for preschoolers, we have a whole list of reusable and consumable classroom valentine ideas that are more than just candy linked in the button below!

Read Here

This Valentine’s Day, you can create a love and fun-filled day at home with these easy preschool valentine crafts! Valentine crafts are more than just an activity in the classroom, they can be made at home and gifted to family or other loved ones, too!




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Preschool Valentine Crafts

Valentine's Day is a special occasion for kids to express their love and creativity through crafts. It's a great opportunity for them to engage in activities that promote kindness and create heartfelt gifts for their loved ones. This article provides a list of easy and entertaining Valentine crafts for preschoolers to do at home. Let's explore some of the concepts used in these crafts:

Craft Supplies: The crafts mentioned in the article require simple craft supplies that are readily available. These supplies may include dried beans, coffee filters, wooden blocks, foam, watercolors, beads, pipe cleaners, and printable templates. These materials are budget-friendly and suitable for preschool-aged children.

Imagination and Creativity: The crafts encourage children to use their imagination and creativity. They can choose their favorite colors, design their own love bugs, create personalized photo mosaics, and turn their favorite animals into heart-shaped crafts. These activities allow children to express themselves and let their creativity shine.

Heart-Shaped Crafts: Heart shapes are a common theme in Valentine's Day crafts. Children can make heart-shaped valentines using dried beans, coffee filters, wooden blocks, foam, and even heart-shaped "pepperonis" for a pizza craft. Heart shapes symbolize love and affection, making them perfect for Valentine's Day.

Printable Templates: The article mentions the use of printable templates for some crafts. Printable templates can make crafting easier by providing a guide or outline for children to follow. They can be used for crafts like rocket valentines, fingerprint love bugs, and bee crafts. Printable templates save time and effort, especially for parents and teachers.

Homemade Cards and Gifts: The crafts mentioned in the article emphasize creating homemade cards and gifts for loved ones. Children can write heartfelt messages on homemade cards or create handmade gifts like friendship necklaces. These personalized gifts show thoughtfulness and are a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Classroom Valentine Ideas: The article also provides a link to reusable and consumable classroom Valentine ideas for preschoolers. These ideas go beyond traditional candy and offer alternative options for celebrating Valentine's Day in a classroom setting. It's a helpful resource for teachers and parents looking for creative and educational Valentine's Day activities.

Overall, the article showcases a variety of preschool Valentine crafts that promote creativity, kindness, and the joy of giving. These crafts can be done at home or in a classroom setting, and they provide opportunities for children to express their love and appreciation for their family and friends.

Easy Preschool Valentine Crafts (2024)
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